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  核心提示: Grand legend SF wants to talk about mobile games with you today.盛大传奇sf今天想和大家聊聊手机游戏。 This is a fie...


Grand legend SF wants to talk about mobile games with you today.盛大传奇sf今天想和大家聊聊手机游戏。

This is a field that I am not good at, because from small to large, I do not have cold to network game, it is to hit new legendary website at most, still always giddy. So I wonder how the young people who recently lost their lives in grand legend SF have been playing for 40 hours or so! Can't figure it out.这是个我不擅长的领域,因为从小到大,我都对网络游戏不感冒,顶多就是打打新开传奇网站,还总是头晕。所以我好奇,最近因为盛大传奇sf而丧命的年轻孩子们,怎么会连续40几个小时的玩,还把命玩没了!想不通。

To tell the truth, half a month ago, is also discussed in the office and 90 colleagues see their work a few people together, is a grand legend SF, I only look at, then they say, strong brother, quickly go back to see this kid, you don't understand. Indeed, I'm behind the times.说实话,半个月前,在办公室和90后的同事们还讨论,看到他们下班了几个人在一起,都是打盛大传奇sf,我只有看着,然后他们说,强哥,赶紧回去看孩子吧,这个你不懂。的确,我落伍了。

But today I see a lot of news that SF, the grand legend, is talking about how to prevent children from indulging. I think I also want to talk about my views.但是今天看到很多新闻都在说盛大传奇sf,都在说如何防止儿童沉迷。我觉得也想说说自己的看法。

Indeed, this game is the most current hand travel fire, I made a survey. Data shows, "grand legendary SF" registered user already amounted to 200 million.的确,这个游戏是手游里目前最火的,我做了调查。有数据显示,《盛大传奇sf》的注册用户已达2亿。

Grand legend SF and most notably, playing the game from a few old adults to teenage children, indulge in some even ridicule: There are plenty of people who, "where there are rivers and lakes, a network where there is a grand legend sf." No wonder so that colleagues also said the 6 year old daughter had a grand legend SF, have to stop, I think to do to stop.盛大传奇sf而最值得注意的是,玩这个游戏的从几十岁的成年人到几岁的孩子,沉迷其中者大有人在,甚至有人调侃:“有人的地方就有江湖,有网的地方就有盛大传奇sf。”难怪同事老高那天还说,6岁的女儿也玩了盛大传奇sf,得制止了,我觉得做的对,得制止。

So I wonder what the magic of this game is, and how attractive it is I asked him a few new employees (in the training of new employees), they said: "this game, in addition to simple operation, easy to use, and social attributes, particularly interesting, some veteran also said, is the main form of entertainment, everyone in the play! This I admit, because has been doing mobile internet marketing, I know very well, the Internet products, especially hand travel, in line with the current habits of people, is the product of entertainment in this era. Not only is the grand legend SF, but also the landlords, the consumer, the music, and so on, they should all be in this category.所以我就纳闷了,这个游戏到底有啥魔力,这么吸引人呢?我问了身边几个新来的员工(在做新员工培训),他们说:“这个游戏,除了操作简单、容易上手、还有社交属性,特别有意思,有的老手也说,主要是娱乐方式,大家都在玩啊!这个我承认,新开1.76蓝魔精品传奇,因为一直做移动互联网营销,我深知,互联网产品,特别是手游符合现在人的生活习惯,是这个时代的娱乐产物。不止是盛大传奇sf,还有斗地主,蓝月传奇1.70月卡版,消消乐啥的,应该都是这个范畴的。


All the grand legend and SF analysis are in line with social development, but the problem is that the audience of the game is teenagers. Does it need to be controlled? How much is the strength? The game itself is entertainment, not responsible for the lives of those who play it. What happened to the accident after the addiction? So, the recent negative news frequently exposed, for example, Guangzhou's 17 year old boy crazy playing "grand legendary SF" 40 hours, induced by cerebral infarction, nearly died; Hangzhou 13 year old boy, because parents are forbidden to play "SF" a grand legend, jumping, lead to serious fracture of legs...... Hangzhou Tongsu a teacher, "I hate to see the children addicted to mobile phone appearance than any parents, especially the many parents and teachers worry.
Who will be responsible for such an accident?