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  核心提示: When it comes to 1.80 legend, many people are not strange, in recent years, 1.80 legend is a popula...

When it comes to 1.80 legend, many people are not strange, in recent years, 1.80 legend is a popular princess, has filmed a lot of serials, so popular all the way bullish. She has won numerous love with pure and pleasant appearance, in front of the camera 1.80 legend will always be able to convert a TV character interpretation of the very image, such as "5igao" in Baguio, and Li Yifeng, the drama is really handsome and beautiful, lively and lovely characters play 1.80 legendary dare to love let us remember the hate in the heart, can be said that the characters of Baguio image is portrayed as the legendary and 1.80, he starred in the TV dramas are outside the industry personnel alike.说到1.80传奇,很多人都不会陌生,近些年,1.80传奇可谓是人气小公主,先后拍摄过了很多部连续剧,所以人气一路看涨。她以清纯可人的外表赢得了无数人的喜爱,在镜头前的1.80传奇总是能够将每一部电视剧里的人物演绎的非常形象,比如在《5igao》当中扮演碧瑶,和李易峰进行搭戏真可谓是俊男靓女,剧中1.80传奇活泼可爱敢爱敢恨的特点让大家铭记于心,可以说剧中人物碧瑶的形象正是为1.80传奇而刻画的,他出演的众多电视剧受到了业内外人事的一致好评。

People always love to fight will win, hard to pay 1.80 saga in business is to break a piece of their own, not only received the endorsement of all kinds, more is to take a series of successive hit. In the past few years in the performing arts career, 1.80 legend has won the tenth Golden Eagle Television Art Festival Golden Eagle goddess awards, the sixth Macao International Television Festival, Golden Lotus best actress award and other awards.人们总是说爱拼才会赢,辛勤付出的1.80传奇在事业上可谓是闯出了属于自己的一片,不仅接到了各种各样的代言,更是拍出的连续剧接连热映。在这几年的演艺生涯中,1.80传奇更是得到了第十届金鹰电视艺术节的金鹰女神奖项、第六届澳门国际电视节金莲花最佳女主角奖等多个奖项。

Since the business is so smooth, how can the 1.80 legend just stick to shooting serials or movies? Well, the legendary 1.80 shot many series are Webpage Game manufacturers are optimistic, so these series are made after the launch of Webpage Game, also by the acclaim, the focus is the 1.80 legendary is carried out on the endorsement of these Webpage Game, which makes the game player are more to close contact with the goddess. They have come to play these Webpage Game. If you do not pay attention to page tour players, there must be doubts, 1.80 legend has produced a lot of drama, in the end what has been reproduced as a page tour, and is the 1.80 legend to speak of it? In order to answer the doubts in the minds of the players, the current inventory, Amoy page tour Xiaobian will check for the players, 1.80 legends in recent endorsements of the page tour.既然事业这么顺畅,1.80传奇怎么会只拘泥于拍摄连续剧或者电影呢?正好,1.80传奇拍摄的多部连续剧都被页游厂商所看好,所以这些连续剧都被制作成为了页游,在推出之后也是受到了一致好评,重点是1.80传奇更是进行了这些页游的代言,这使得玩家们更加想近距离的和女神接触,于是纷纷前来试玩这些页游。如果不关注页游的玩家们肯定会有疑惑,1.80传奇拍过的连续剧有很多,到底有哪些被翻拍成为了页游,并且是由1.80传奇去代言的呢?为了解答玩家们心中的疑惑,本期的盘点,淘页游小编将会为玩家们盘点一下1.80传奇在近些代言过的页游。



"5igao this series" 1.80 "and" you novels everyone knows, which describe the plot of the novel is a Xian Xia wind, so in the "5igao" of the drama shooting, the characters are always able to give people a sense of SAGE-like type. "5igao" series of female main Baguio which is played by the legendary 1.80, she will Baguio vivid interpretation of them, in the TV series, Baguio to give people the feeling is a lively and lovely, but always melancholy and moody.《5igao》这部连续剧和《1.80英雄合击》小说的关联大家都懂,小说情节当中描绘出来的都是一片仙侠风,所以在《5igao》这部电视剧拍摄的时候,里面的人物也总能够给人一种仙风道骨的感觉。《5igao》连续剧里面的女主碧瑶是由1.80传奇扮演,她将碧瑶的形象生动的演绎出来了,在电视剧中,传奇sf1.99七彩刺影,碧瑶给人们的感觉就是一个活泼可爱,但是却又多愁善感的女孩儿。

Because the TV series "5igao" is hot, so it has the same name page Tour "5igao", and is the 1.80 legend endorsement. In the game, because the "5igao" picture is very fine, so there will be personally on the scene feeling, a bright moon in the sky, in the mountains there is a moon like asking a quality suggestive of poetry or painting.因为电视剧《5igao》的火爆,所以便有了同名页游《5igao》,并且是由1.80传奇进行代言。在游戏当中,因为《5igao》的画面制作非常的精细,所以会有身临其境的感觉,一轮皓月当空,在山上有一种想要把酒问明月的诗情画意。

In addition, the "5igao" page tour, which also added features of the play, Xian pet, mounts and other systems are readily available. In the choice of occupation, game player will have the roles of men and women two can choose, this is mainly because of the needs of the story, in the game, game player who is the actor and actress, from the beginning to do a variety of tasks, until finally became a great God, and they have to experience the game player in this growth process through the hard sour, sweet, bitter, hot, but eventually, can obtain the sweet fruit, God become harder not how to do it?除此之外,《5igao》页游当中还加入了特色的玩法,仙宠,坐骑等系统一应俱全。在职业的选择上,玩家们只有男性角色和女性角色两种可以选择,这主要是因为剧情的需要,复古传奇,在游戏当中,玩家们就是男主角和女主角,从刚开始需要做各种各样的任务,一直到最后成为大神,而玩家们所要经历的则是在这成长过程中的酸甜苦辣,但是经过辛勤的付出,最终就能够得到甜美的果实,成为大神不付出一些努力怎么能行?